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    Coding First is a foreign STEAM company established in Chengdu in March 2017 with its main objective to provide computer science literacy to students aged 5 and above. The company with its campus in Chengdu’s High Tech Zone specializes in teaching coding, robotics, mobile phone application development, artificial intelligence, 3D model programming and Augmented Reality.

  • About us


    Coding First was founded on the mission to empower the future generation of entrepreneurs, scientists, engineers and innovators.


    Teachers at Coding First are qualified foreign national doctors and engineers who provide bilingual teachings in both English and Chinese. Students mainly benefit from the bilingual aspect of the teaching and also the meticulously developed pedagogic curriculum developed by the faculty.

    The Founders

    Serge is the Co-Founder of Coding First. He is an Engineer with a Masters degree and has an MBA

    Serge Hovnanian


    Engineer, Masters degree, MBA


    Serge Hovnanian is an Engineer, an Economist and a Chess Champion who holds an MBA from Webster University. With 7 years of international experience in China and Canada, Serge took over several high-level projects in Mainland China while working with a French multinational company, Veolia. Serge's expertise in the fields of finance, business and engineering turned him into a successful entrepreneur. His deep knowledge and familiarity with the Chinese language, culture and business makes him unique in his field.

    On the other hand, Serge’s reputation in the international world chess Arena is impressive. He is 4 times national chess champion and participated in international championships regularly over 20 years, including world championships and Olympics. Serge believes that having a good programming mindset is an essential ingredient for any profession. His love and passion for programming and robotics are tremendous.

    Houry is the Co-founder of Coding First. She has a PhD in Particle Physics and an MBA

    Dr. Houry Keoshkerian


    PhD in Particle Physics, MBA


    Dr. Houry Keoshkerian has a PhD in Particle Physics and she worked at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN, Geneva. She lectured physics courses in France and worked at the University of Manchester, the University of Toronto and the University of Grenoble doing research.

    Houry participated in many international conferences and meetings in France, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Canada, the United States and Poland. She has 384 publications in particle physics within the ATLAS Collaboration.

    She spent her entire particle physics career using various high-level programming languages such as C++, Python and ROOT. Her unparalleled programming knowledge, experience and teaching methods play a crucial role in Coding First’s pedagogic curriculum.

  • Our Programs

    Little Coders

    Little Coder: Age 5-7

    The Little Coder program lays the basic foundation for computational and critical thinking. This program aims to teach young minds basic programming concepts through block programming and game development.

    Young Coders

    Young Coder: Age 8-11

    The Young Coder program is designed to advance students’ programming capabilities by guiding them to create their own games, code mobile APPs, program robots and learn an advanced programming language.

    Teen Coders

    Teen Coder: Age 12-14

    The Teen Coder program offers a fast-pace, challenging curriculum to give a head-start to the college level computer science courses. From mobile applications development to web frameworks, Teen Coders get their hands on the latest technologies that are used by industry professionals in technology companies and startups.


    Innovator: Age 15+

    A meticulously developed advanced Python course will equip students with what they need to materialize AI and machine learning projects. Python will also be used to teach how Internet of Things (IoT) and hardware can be used to create new technologies.

    On the other hand, a Web development course will provide students with necessary skills to make advanced Web projects a reality.

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